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Here is a list of my last 5 publications/contributions:

Hoadley, Keri; France, Kevin; Arulanantham, Nicole; Parke Loyd, R. O.; and Kruczek, Nicholas. Signatures of Hot Molecular Hydrogen Absorption from Protoplanetary Disks: I. Non-thermal Populations. arXiv (July 2017). [Accepted for publication in ApJ.]

Hoadley, Keri; France, Kevin; Kruczek, Nicholas; et al. The re-flight of the Colorado high-resolution Echelle stellar spectrograph (CHESS): improvements, calibrations, and post-flight results. Proc. SPIE, 9901-138. (July 2016).

France, Kevin; Fleming, Brian; and Hoadley, KeriCHISL: The Combined High-resolution and Imaging Spectrograph for the LUVOIR Surveyor. JATIS, Volume 2, Issue 4. (October 2016).

France, Kevin; Hoadley, Keri; et al. The SLICE, CHESS, and SISTINE Ultraviolet Spectrographs: Rocket-Borne Instrumentation Supporting Future Astrophysics Missions. JAI, Volume 5, Issue 1. (March 2016).

Hoadley, Keri; France, Kevin; Alexander, Richard D.; McJunkin, Matthew; and Schneider, Christian. The Evolution of Inner Disk Gas in Transition Disks. ApJ, Volume 812, Issue 1. (October 2015).