The Hoadley UV Space Laboratory (HUSL) is a premier research group exploring a wide range of topics spanning observational, experimental, and instrumental astronomy!

HUSL's primary research program focused on understanding how stars, galaxies, and planets form by observing the gas in these systems linked to these processes. Our group uses new and archival data from NASA's legacy of space ultraviolet telescopes (like GALEX, the Hubble Space Telescope, and FUSE) and ground-based telescopes (like the W. M. Keck and Palomar Observatories) to explore how the atoms and molecules we see connect to how things form and evolve. 

HUSL is heavily involved in experimental and instrumentation development efforts to build the next generation of NASA's UV telescopes. HUSL team members are key investigators on a number of funded and proposed space telescope programs, including Suborbital (FIREBall-2), SmallSat/CubeSat (AsperaCUTE), and Explorer (Hyperion, HALO) missions.

HUSL has an active UV grating technology program at UIOWA in conjunction with Prof. Casey DeRoo's Research Group.